Alerts Made Simple
Know Your System

Are your messaging channels jammed with too many alerts and logs and you don't know what is important?Gain real-time visibility, automate incident management, and empower your team for efficient problem resolution. Take control of your systems with our AI-powered log and alert analysis bot for Slack

Daily Status Updates

Stay informed about the state of your system and be on alert for any critical issues or trendsRegular status updates allow managers to make informed decisions and take proactive actions if necessary. Don't spend half of your day going through channels with alerts that are not important. LogSnap AI will save you timeCheck system status for a specific date range to know what actually happens and how to prevent it

AI-Powered Log and Alert Summarization

Save time and effort by receiving an overview of important information without the need to manually sift through large volumes of dataLogSnap uses our AI-powered summarization engine to filter through all your alerts and sends you a summary of critical issues and trends so you can focus on your work and understand your system better

Integration with Slack

Receiving too many Slack Notifications and can't tell which ones are important?Our Slack Bot will tell you when something is important and if you have any questions you can always ask it about any issues that happened on your channels


Free during Beta! You will get a Slack bot with all the listed features during the beta for FREE! Make sure to sign up to try it out
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us


During the Beta we have just Slack and Grafana integration. We will work on Teams and Discord integrations for messaging, and Prometheus, New Relic, and others for alerting. If you need those sooner, send us an email


Take Control Today!

Supercharge your incident management with our AI-powered summarization engine and Slack bot. Get started today and transform how you monitor, analyze, and act on logs and alerts!

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